CDG Course Enrollment Form

Fill in and submit this form to Valerie Bernhardt every semester that you are a student in the program. Please get it to her before the semester begins.

CDG Conference Funding Form

Every student who receives funding from any UNC or Duke source for travel to a conference must fill out this form and submit it to both departments.

Required Milestone Forms Checklist

This document lists every form you need to fill out for each milestone event (Writing Proficiency Review, PhD Exam, Prospectus/Chapter Review or Dissertation Defense).  Please consult it every time you plan to complete a milestone.


Milestone Planning Form

Fill out and submit this form to UNC and Duke as soon as you have scheduled any milestone event (Writing Proficiency Review, PhD Exam, Prospectus/Chapter Review, Dissertation Defense or optional en route MA).

Dissertation Defense Form

This form must be filled out and submitted to Duke and UNC at least 10 calendar days before your defense date.

Graduate Student Permission Form to enroll in a course below 500 level
This from must be submitted to the Duke Graduate School before 5:00 p.m. two business days before the last day of the drop/add period.

Duke Conference Travel Application
To be eligible you must have taken and passed your preliminary exam