Glückwunsch Lea Greenberg!


Congratulations to Lea Greenberg on her Visiting Assistant Professor position at Knox College!

She writes:
"This fall, I will be starting as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. The position is in German and European Studies with an emphasis on Jewish Studies. I am looking forward to returning to the liberal arts college setting and to the Midwest, where I spent most of my formative years. As part of the faculty in Modern Languages, I will be teaching both German language courses and interdisciplinary classes in (German) Jewish studies. I will also be working on revising and expanding my dissertation, entitled Curious Daughters: Language, Literacy, and Jewish Female Desire in German and Yiddish Literature from 1793 to 1916, into a monograph.

"I am very grateful for the Carolina-Duke program and the mentorship of two extraordinary advisors, Ruth von Bernuth and Jonathan M. Hess. Ruth has served as a mentor since the beginning of my studies in CDG, in particular by supporting my interest in Yiddish and involvement in Jewish Studies. Ruth’s creativity and generous spirit have been invaluable in weathering the challenges of these past years. The conclusion of my graduate career in CDG this year coincided with the third anniversary of Jonathan’s passing. The dissertation project began under his guidance, and I hope to honor his legacy of excellence in scholarship, teaching, and collegiality in my own work."