Thomas Pfau

Thomas Pfau

Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of English; Professor of German and Member of the Duke Divinity School Faculty

THOMAS PFAU (PhD 1989, SUNY Buffalo) is the Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of English, with secondary appointments in Germanic Language & Literatures and the Divinity School at Duke University. He has published forty-five essays on literary and philosophical subjects ranging from the 18ththrough the early 20th century, translations of Hölderlin and Schelling (SUNY Press, 1987 and 1994). Having edited seven essay collections and special journal issues, he is also the author of three monographs: Wordsworth’s Profession (Stanford UP 1997), Romantic Moods: Paranoia, Trauma, Melancholy, 1790-1840 (Johns Hopkins UP 2005)and Minding the Modern: Intellectual Traditions, Human Agency, and Responsible Knowledge (Notre Dame UP, 2013). His current book project focuses on phenomenology of image-consciousness in literature, theology, and philosophy.


  • Ph.D., Comparative Literature, State University of New York at Buffalo
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(919) 681-3098
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116E Old Chemistry

Home Institution: Duke University

  • Music and Sound
  • Literary and Critical Theory, Philosophy and Literature
  • Romanticism and Idealism
  • Nineteenth Century
  • Modernism
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