Amy L. Jones

Amy Jones

Graduate Student

Amy is working on a dissertation about gender, creativity, and the muse figure in German Romanticism and post-Romanticism (1800-1850). She enjoys teaching and speaking German with students at Kaffeestunde. In 2018-2019, Amy participated in UNC’s exchange program in Tübingen, where she learned the characteristics of a proper Swabian pretzel. She has published an article on Karoline von Günderrode in the collected volume Writing the Self, Creating Community: German Women Authors and the Literary Sphere, 1750-1850 (edited by Elisabeth Krimmer and Lauren Nossett). Prior to joining CDG, Amy taught English in Salzburg, Austria as a US Teaching Assistant. In her free time, she is learning to sing opera, fostering kittens, baking, and getting back into knitting.