Theory Reading Group - Fall 2016: Blumenberg

Event date to be determined

The Theory Reading Group will reconvene next month, this time on the other side of the Rhine in order to consider three works by philosopher Hans Blumenberg. Perhaps best known for his philosophical treatise on the metaphor (Paradigms for a Metaphorology) from 1960, Blumenberg later expanded his program to include myth (Work on Myth), revised his method into a theory of nonconceptuality, and embarked on a massive phenomenological anthropology, the roots of which can be found even in early writings like his 1971 essay “An Anthropological Approach to the Contemporary Significance of Rhetoric.”

The  Reading Group will meet on the last Monday of every month beginning at 7:30 pm in Dey Hall (413). Our readings will be as follows:


September 26: Chapters 1-5 from Paradigms for a Metaphorology (pp. 1-61).

October 24: "To Bring Myth to an End” (from Work on Myth) (pp. 109-140).

November 28: “An Anthropological Approach to the Contemporary Significance of Rhetoric” (pp. 429-457).


Access to the readings can be found here.


The Reading Group is an informal, relaxed setting for reading and discussing theoretical texts of utility for the study of literature, film and culture. Participation in the Reading Group is open to graduate students and faculty. Questions about the Reading Group can be directed to either Gabriel Trop (, Aleksandra Prica ( or myself.

Event Location: 
UNC - Dey Hall 314