German Campus Week

Event date to be determined

German Campus Week November 14-18

The Four-day Program for German Campus Week: 
Monday, November 14th at 5:30 PM, Fed Ex Building Rm 1009
A Conversation with Afro-German Playwright Olivia Wenzel with clips from her plays "Corn in Germany and Other Galaxies" and "We are the Universe"
Tuesday November 15th at 5:30 PM,Fed Ex Building, Mandela Auditorium
Screening of the German Scifi Film Transfer (2010) in German and French with English subtitles
Thursday November 17th at 5 PM,Dey Hall, Toy Lounge
Panel on German Scifi Film and Literature, Dey Hall, Toy Lounge
Richard Langston (UNC), "Literature of the Future: German Highlights from
the Negley Collection of Utopian Literature at Duke”
Paul Dobryden (UVA), "Android Divas: Janelle Monáe and Metropolis"
Friday November 18th at 5PM, Dey Hall, Toy Lounge
Panel on German and American Futurist Music, Dey Hall, Toy Lounge
Trace Reddell (University of Denver), "The Secret Rhythms of Outsider Afrofuturism: Krautrock, Nu-Jazz & Ambient Ethnoforgeries"
David Reinecke (Princeton), "Keeping Time Before Techno: James Brown, Kraftwerk, and the Rationalization of Rhythm"
Friday November 18th at 7:30 PM, - The Nightclub
Party featuring a DJ set of German New Wave and free pizza!
German Campus Week