European Studies Workshop: Empire, Socialism and Jews IV: The Interwar Years

Event date to be determined

"Empire, Socialism & Jews" represents an ongoing project aiming to reconceptualize the Austrian Empire's place in Central European history and to write the Empire back into the Austrian national narrative. The project tracks the interaction between the Austrian imperial legacy, socialism and European Jewry. This workshop, the fourth in a series, focuses on the interwar period (1918 - 1939).  Participants will discuss the manifestations of the imperial legacy in Red Vienna, the Austrian provinces and borderlands, and the successor states to Austria-Hungary.  They will focus on the traces of the Monarchy in Austrian Socialist discourse and Austrian national identity, and on imperial nostalgia in Central European literary life, especially among Jewish writers.

Workshop Participants:

Serena Bazemore, Duke University
James Chappel, Duke University
Kata Gellen, Duke University
Malachi Hacohen, Director, Council for European Studies, Duke University
Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, freelance curator and museum consultant, Vienna 
Helmut Konrad, Rector and Professor Emeritus, University of Graz
Richard Lambert III, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 
Ilse Lazaroms, Center for Jewish History, New York 
Gerhard Milchram, Curator, Wien Museum, Vienna 
Thomas Prendergast, Duke University 
Béla Rásky, Managing Director, Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies 
Lisa Silverman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Katherine Sorrels, University of Cincinnati
Georg Spitaler, Program Director, Verein für Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung, Vienna 
Gabriel Trop, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Andreas Weigl, University of Vienna
Deirdre White, Duke University
Ingo Zechner, Director, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society, Vienna
Saskia Ziolkowski, Duke University 


Event Location: 
John Hope Franklin Center, Ahmadieh Family Conference Hall (Room 240), Duke University