Rebellion and Revolution: Defiance in German Language, History and Art

Melissa Etzler and Priscilla Layne

This book is a transnational collection of twelve essays by scholars of history, literature and film. It offers new perspectives on several of the key moments in history when the German revolutionary spirit was at its peak.

Inspired by both the twentieth anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the fortieth anniversary of the student movements of 1968, it contributes to current discourses on resistance by providing a retrospective look at events and time periods ranging from the German Peasants' War of 1525 to the American War for Independence and the French Revolution in the eighteenth century; and from the tumultuous period of the Weimar Republic up until the final days of the German Democratic Republic.

This book not only provides a new outlook on important historical moments and sociopolitical issues, rather the articles take a multidisciplinary approach to analyze a variety of artistic works inspired by historical rebellious movements.