Alessandra (Sascha) Daniels

Sascha Daniels

Alessandra (Sascha) Daniels (pronouns: they/she) is originally from Washington, D.C. and earned their bachelor's degree from West Virginia University in World Languages, Literature, and Linguistics with a concentration in German and a minor in Japanese Studies. Daniels is a three-time U.S. State Department alum, having received the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship to study abroad in Japan, as well as the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) scholarship to study in Germany and the Fulbright US Student English Teaching Assistant award to teach in Germany. Their research interests include Afro-German identity, the influence of African diasporic communities on German culture, contemporary Afro-German youth culture, Afro-German film and poetry, German hip-hop, and the transnational connection between the African American and Afro-German diasporas. In 2022, Daniels earned their master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin, in which they explored how Afro-Germans define their racial identities through African American forms of media. When they aren’t studying, reading, or writing, you can likely find them at the gym, going for walks in nature, or dancing to reggaeton or Afrobeats in their kitchen, likely always accompanied by their cat, Enola.