Ian McLean

Graduate Student

Ian received his BA in German and Classics from Williams College in 2013. During his undergraduate career, he spent a year studying in Regensburg, Germany, where he worked to improve his Greek and Latin while expanding his knowledge of German literature into the middle ages. In 2014, he completed a Masters Degree in the Humanities at the University of Chicago, where he began to combine his knowledge of Roman and German literatures, culminating in a thesis: A Vergillian Echo in Wolfram's Willehalm: The Slaying of Suppliants and Heroic Culpability in the Deaths of Arofel and Magus. Ian continues to be primarily interested in Medieval German literature, but is also interested in the reception of the Classics in general and looks forward to expanding his literary and theoretical interests. Outside of his studies, Ian enjoys musical composition, language learning, and tea.