Ian McLean

Graduate Student

Ian completed his BA in German and Classics at Williams College in 2013, during which time he studied a year in Regensburg, Germany.  In 2014, he completed an MA in the Humanities at the University of Chicago, where he began to combine his knowledge of Classical and German literatures, culminating in a thesis: “A Vergillian Echo in Wolfram's Willehalm: The Slaying of Suppliants and Heroic Culpability in the Deaths of Arofel and Magus.”  Ian’s work focuses on the development of tragedy in the German speaking world, with a particular concentration on the 18th Century, and revolves around the ethical-existential question of “why bother” (creating art, consuming art, or simply living) as it is answered in these texts.  Classical reception and the “quarrel of the ancients and the moderns” continue to play a major role in his work, and he engages frequently with questions of gender, sexuality, and psychoanalysis.