Corinna Egdorf

Graduate Student

Corinna studied Cultural History and Theory, as well as Spanish Philology at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and Anthropology, Sociology and Jewellery Design at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. For her Bachelor's thesis she applied Roland Barthes' theory on everyday "mythologies" to the iconic advertising legend "Nivea". In her Master's thesis she combined classic art history with current approaches in German media studies to examine ideal body images in the form of historical tattoo imagery. During her interdisciplinary studies she focussed mainly on myth and media theory, art and cultural history, material culture, cultural techniques, museology and cultural management. Besides her studies she did curate several exhibitions, worked at Berlin art galleries, film and literature festivals and as an intern at the cultural program department of the Goethe-Institute in Jakarta, Indonesia. In her graduate studies she wishes to further research mythical imagery in popular culture. She enjoys visiting art and fashion museums and she loves traveling, bicycling, singing, cooking and yoga.